Prince Charles: who is Amanda Knatchbull, whom he allegedly proposed in marriage before Lady Di?

In 1977, Prince Charles would have had a love affair with a certain Amanda Knatchbull. A story that took place long before falling in love with Princess Diana. This story between Charles and Diana, many know the details. However, this mishap with Amanda is much less well known. Indeed, before this period which is figure of idyll, the Prince of Wales would have made a marriage proposal to Amanda Knatchbull. Only, the young woman, at this time, would have declined her offer.

It was in a documentary on Channel 4 called The Royal House of Windsor that this information was shared. According to the documentary, it was Lord Mountbatten who tried to bind his little daughter Amanda with Prince Charles. Unfortunately or very fortunately, things did not turn out the way he wanted them to.

“Distant cousins”

Amanda Knatchbull is 9 years younger than Prince Charles. At that time, she was considered to be the perfect candidate to be enthroned alongside the Prince of Wales. This despite the fact that she is a distant cousin. “For years, Mountbatten secretly made Amanda a future queen,” the narrator says in the documentary. The show gives some interesting details about the relationship and the love that was meant to blossom between the lovebirds. It includes details of Amanda and Charles’s trip to Eleuthera, in the Caribbean, aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia.

During the trip, Charles turned to Amanda and asked her “Do you want to be my wife?” and she said no, according to the narrator. The latter added, “They had been together for a long time, and I think their relationship was actually too close. They were like brother and sister.”

Prince Charles © Agency

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