In the British royal family, creativity has not been left at the door. Thus, Charles, the eldest son of the queen, fell in love – several decades ago already – for painting, and more precisely for watercolor. Today, at 73, the prince has seen fit to make all of his works public by exhibiting them at the Garrison Chapel in London. The watercolors, which represent landscapes of Scotland, France and others, will be displayed until February 14. On his talents as a painter, Charles shows lucidity. “When I look at my early works, I am appalled at how bad they are,” said William and Harry’s father before adding: “But, nevertheless, what is good about painting is that you are making your own interpretation of the view you have chosen “. A reason which pushed the prince, when he was younger, to opt for the brush rather than the camera. “I had an irresistible desire to express what I saw through watercolor and to convey this almost ‘intimate’ feeling of texture, which is impossible to obtain by photography”, explained the latter.

Prince Charles the artist! He’s sold £ 2million worth of prints of his paintings thus far …

– British Royals (@britishroyals) January 31, 2016

Prince Charles: painting as therapy

“(Painting) requires the most intense concentration and, therefore, is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic exercises that I know”, confided the prince before adding that this art had the faculty of “transporting him. in another dimension “and” to reach parts of his soul that other activities could not “. As a reminder, Prince Charles is not the only painter of the royal family since his niece, Princess Eugenie, also wields the brush as she has proven on Instagram. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, mainly uses photography as a means of expression.

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