While visiting a NatWest bank, Prince Charles met magician Chris Wall. Chris Wall aka Chris Reads Minds is a mind-reading South London entrepreneur. Prince Charles Charitable Foundation Prince’s Trust helped him open his business. To thank him in person, he prepared this little tour for him which impressed Charles.

Mr. Chris asked the prince to think of a name, number and color. According to Mail Plus, Charles easily chose blue and the number 12, but struggled to come up with a name. Queen Elizabeth’s son asked the magician if he could choose any name of any person. By revealing the contents of his wallet, the magician tells Charles that he “could be wrong, I was already wrong before”.

The magician then asks Prince Charles to choose a card to play, he opts for the ace of clubs. “Would you be impressed if you turned this card over and it was yours?” Asks Mr Wall. “This is your card” is what the prince could read on the back of the card. But the game is not over yet, as the magician is still rummaging through his wallet to pull out a sealed envelope. Inside the envelope was a business card with the words “blue, 12 and George” written on the back. Under Prince Charles’ admiring and amused gaze, Mr Wall said “you can keep it as a memory of the time we spent together”. “You also have the gift of speaking!” Prince Charles said after describing the tour as “very impressive”.

Prince Charles was particularly playful during his visit

Prince Charles took the time to meet local dignitaries and chat with a few entrepreneurs helped by the Prince’s Trust. This is the case of Keshia East, 29, who was able to open her business of ecological hairdressing tools. According to MailPlus, “she has created an award winning line of eco-friendly styling tools, especially for afro and curly hair, called NoKnotCo, made from vegetable cellulose.” Prince Charles blushed when Keshia told him, “I see waves in your hair.”

Prince Charles © Agency

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