Prince Charles: this “very uncomfortable” and “frustrating” position he finds himself in

The Prince of Wales is in a “very uncomfortable” and “frustrating” position as he will ascend to the throne one day. Sadly, that day will not come until the death of her mother, Queen Elizabeth. According to romantic relationship expert Neil Wilkie, Charles will inherit the throne when he himself is old. In this sense, Prince Charles will not enjoy his rank as king for long enough. However, it has been a long time, 20 years already to be exact, that he has been ready to take on this role.

The queen is currently 95 years old and is doing like a charm. She remains very active and always assumes 100% of her responsibilities. According to Neil Wilkie, “Prince Charles has been for many years in the very uncomfortable position of honorary king, awaiting the death of his mother.” According to him, Queen Elizabeth has already exceeded many expectations. Prince Charles won’t reign long before he gives way to Prince William.

“Basically it’s a dysfunctional family”

According to Neil Wilkie’s analysis, being born in different roles is the cause of sibling rivalries in the royal family. “Charles having lived practically all his life like the apparent king …”, he affirms, the position of his brother Andrew is rather ambiguous. Likewise, the expert also explains the rivalry that remains between William and Harry. “The Duke of Cambridge was born with the probability of becoming king one day while for his brother his position is less defined,” he said.

In this “dysfunctional family”, Neil Wilkie believes that Princess Anne is the one who knew how to accept her role without making waves. Speaking of which, he says: “If you look at Princess Anne, she has come to terms with the fact that she can never be Queen anyway, but she is a hardworking royal and a hardworking royal.” For him, Princess Anne would be the only one who embodies normalcy in the royal family.

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