Prince Charles has just dubbed the seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. The British champion would have been on the verge of clinching his eighth world championship title. Although his victory is somewhat controversial, it is the Dutch driver Max Verstappen, Red Bull driver, who is crowned champion this year. 24-year-old Verstappen passed Lewis Hamilton on the last lap of the Grand Prix. Despite this last small defeat, the driver Lewis Hamilton received a final coronation. On Wednesday, December 15, Prince Charles ennobled him by making him a knight.

Lewis Hamilton, 36, is a Mercedes driver and is known for his many Abu Dhabi Grand Prix victories. His 2020 title marked his 103rd victory, earning him the honor of being knighted this year. The glitzy event took place at Windsor Castle where the pilot, still single, was accompanied by his mother. “Carmen Lockhart, gave a rousing applause when Lewis, 36, was knighted,” Express reported. World champion Lewis Hamilton can’t hide his joy with his beaming face. The now Sir Lewis expressed his joy and gratitude with a “Thank you”.

Lewis Hamilton missed his title unfairly according to Mercedes

“It’s been manipulated, man,” Sir Lewis reportedly complained over his car radio, Express reported. Indeed the fans of the pilot do not believe at all in his defeat. “An accident at the end of the race and last minute decisions made by race controller Michael Masi wiped out his lead,” according to Express. Max Verstappen took the opportunity to dominate the end and arrive first. ESPN claim the Mercedes teams are contesting the result of the December 13 final. The FIA ​​of course rejected the protest of the Mercedes teams. Verstappen meanwhile said: “I think you should take a loss no matter how badly it hurts.”

Prince Charles and Lewis Hamilton © Instagram

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