Prince Charles: this very embarrassing filmed sequence with the British Minister of Health

If the coronavirus has eradicated the kiss, it has above all inspired the whole world to greet each other in a new way. While some do it from afar, with a simple wave of the hand, others opt for a nudge in that of their interlocutor. But he may have suffered from Covid-19 himself, Prince Charles still has not understood this gesture, even more than a year since the start of the health crisis. While traveling to a London hospital, the crown prince met Matt Hancock, the British Minister of Health, this Thursday, June 17.

Faithful to the health measures advocated by the government, it welcomed the Prince of Wales by extending his elbow. In a video relayed by the tabloid The Daily Star, we see the eldest son of Her Majesty Elizabeth II scrutinizing Matt Hancock’s elbow with a skeptical air, after having greeted him by bowing, his hands joined. It was then that Prince Charles improvised a dance, imitating the minister. Before slipping in a sentence that can only make one think of the sometimes funny repartee of his father, Prince Philip. “What is the hokey cokey?” He said, under his mask. Note: in English-speaking countries, the Hokey Cokey (or Hokey Pokey) refers to a song and a dance of participation, generally for children.

What other awkward moment did Prince Charles experience?

Prince Charles is used to hiccups. Last July, when he met an employee of the British supermarket Asda, the Duke of Cornwall was in shock when the latter passed out before his eyes after a short discussion. Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband therefore approached him after trying to hold him back, always keeping a distance, coronavirus pandemic requires, while the emergency services surrounded the anonymous. Seeing that he could do nothing to help the man in question, Prince Charles simply shrugged his shoulders before speaking with another employee as evidenced by a video relayed on the Web by The Sun.

Prince Charles © Agency

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