Prince Charles: this opinion decided on his nieces Eugenie and Beatrice which made Andrew “furious”

Prince Charles raised his voice. The future British monarch, very embarrassed by the Epstein affair in which his brother Andrew is implicated, wanted to clear things up with his younger brother. And the walls of Buckingham Palace shook. Especially since their relations have been strained for several years. The Prince of Wales had once taken up a delicate subject: his daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. The reason ? The astronomical sum cost of the securities of the two sisters. The heir to the throne notably stepped in after her youngest niece racked up huge bills as she traveled the world on her sabbatical. To ensure her safety in India, America, Thailand and South Africa, Princess Eugenie did not skimp on means. At the time, the safety of the one who is pregnant with her first child would have cost a whopping £ 100,000, taken directly from British taxpayers’ money.

If the princess herself paid for her accommodation and transport, it was indeed from the pocket of the British that the sum necessary for her safety was drawn. “She was accompanied by police bodyguards,” royal expert Richark Kay recounted in the documentary Beatrice and Eugenie: Pampered Princesses? This meant that we, the taxpayers, paid police officers to accompany her to the corners of the world.” And at the time, this bill had hardly enchanted Prince Charles. According to author Angela Levin, the eldest son of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip even intervened with their father to annoy this expense. “Prince Charles decided that since they weren’t very important royals, this sum was too large for his subjects, she recalled. So he decided to stop the charges.” And inevitably, the decision of the Prince of Wales did not please Prince Andrew.

Save appearances despite the scandal

“Prince Andrew was so angry that he wrote a note to the Queen,” the Crown expert told the documentary. Very close to her daughters, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband did not understand at all that Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice were treated differently from other members of the British Crown. “He said he wanted them to be seen as real members of the royal family. He didn’t want the protection officers to leave them,” Levin said. And since that day, relations between the two brothers have not calmed down at all. After the death of Jeffrey Epstein, it was Prince Charles who summoned his little brother. It was also he who officially asked him to withdraw from public life so as not to add scandal to the scandal. But since appearances are fundamental to the Crown, Prince Charles has tried everything to keep up appearances. In particular, agree to walk by his side during the end of the year celebrations.

Princes Charles and Andrew © AGENCE

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