These are words Prince Harry will not be able to forget. Since he decided to leave the ranks of the British royal family last March and to settle in Los Angeles with Meghan Markle and their son Archie, the Duke of Sussex is no longer really in the good papers of His Majesty . But within The Firm, he still has a strong ally: his father. Quarreled with Prince William, the Duke can indeed count on the presence and help (especially financial) of Prince Charles. But that’s not all. Because father and son share a lot. For many years now, the future king and his youngest son have been passionate about the environment, even if Prince Harry has been at the heart of heated controversies for his polluting practices … Since 1989, his father has been a fervent defender of the nature that humans have “turned upside down” by “constantly choosing short term options and damn the long term”. The two have even spent “hours and hours” discussing climate change, which worries them greatly.

After choosing to leave the royal family, fans are also concerned that Prince Harry’s relationship with his father has weakened. The royal observers hope in any case that the strength of their bond remains the same as it was when the husband of Meghan Markle chose to interview his dad, in December 2017. At the time, he wrote BBC Radio 4’s Today program and the two discussed their hopes of reviving the environment. “I’ve probably bored you to tears over the years,” joked Prince Charles, who instead passed his passion on to Prince Harry. He continued: “What I have tried to do all these years is to make sure, if I can do it, to guarantee that you and your children, my grandchildren, as well as the grandchildren of everyone, have a world worth living “. Important words for Prince Harry.

Princes Harry and Charles “never broke contact”

In an interview with environmentalist Jane Goodall in 2019, Archie’s dad explained that he did not want more than two children for ecological reasons and to reduce his impact on the climate. “What we have to remind everyone is what is happening now, he regretted. We are like frogs in water, water already boiling. And that’s what is terrifying. ecological situation is all the more frightening for us who have just welcomed a baby. I see it differently now. But I always wanted to protect the planet, even before becoming a father and in this hope of having children a day.” Their commitments to the planet bring Princes Charles and Harry closer together, despite the distance. “The Prince of Wales has clearly demonstrated that the door is always open, assured a source there is little. Since the departure of Prince Harry in Los Angeles, they have never broken contact.”

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