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Prince Charles: this heartbreaking choice before his next accession to the throne

We know the passion of Prince Charles for the peaceful life of the countryside. One of the Queen’s son’s favorite pastimes is tending to his gardens, including the “Duchy Originals” farmhouse in the Cotswolds, a chain of hills in southwest Britain. But this enchanted parenthesis in his daily life could well end very quickly. The father of William and Harry is indeed preparing to ascend the throne, and he is already anticipating taking office.

Prince Charles will therefore not sign the renewal of the 20-year lease of the farm in the Cotswolds, knowing that he will be king upon the death of Elizabeth II, aged 94. A heartbreak, one can imagine, for the future monarch … He does not turn his back on his passion, however: he intends to transform Sandringham, the royal residence taken over from Prince Philip last year, into the largest UK organic sheep farm.

A future king, pioneer of organic

A pioneer, Prince Charles converted the more than 360 hectare estate of High Grove, Gloucestershire, to organic farming in 1986, despite criticism from British farmers.

His rejection of modern techniques was first mocked. Since then, however, many other farmers have followed suit, even making visits to learn more about the biodynamic methods of his garden – including planting seeds according to the lunar cycle, or even using homeopathic potions on the leaves. . In recent years, he has warned of falling prices and rising costs, which are putting great pressure on the country’s farmers.

Prince Charles visiting Tintagel Castle in Cornwall. July 20, 2020 © Agency

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