On May 10, Prince Charles replaced the weakened Elizabeth II at the opening of Parliament
The heir to the throne gave a speech that was not unanimous
Many commentators pointed to an obvious contradiction in his speech

For Prince Charles, it was a most important moment. On May 10, the future King of England replaced his mother, Elizabeth II, at the opening of the British Parliament. Due to health problems and mobility concerns, Her Majesty was forced to cancel this event for the first time in nearly 60 years and thus delegate her speech to Prince Charles. And if he was particularly moved by this solemn moment, the Prince of Wales is at the heart of a small controversy. In his speech, written by representatives, he said the administration would work to “help ease the cost of living for families” amid economic uncertainty. An announcement that did not please Crown observers at all. Quickly, they noted a rather grotesque contradiction.

For this speech indeed, Prince Charles was installed on a throne entirely covered with gold and adorned with all the royal clothes. “I would have just made this announcement from any other room, wearing any other outfit,” “This man is sitting on a golden throne as he talks about the cost of living. outrageously beyond parody”, “The next time Biden gives a speech on reducing the cost of living, I want him to come out of a life-size Klimt painting diorama wrapped in a gold robe studded with rubies and emeralds,” “I’ll never understand how in the 21st century we still have kings and queens. Royalty lives off the abundance of wealth provided to them by working-class taxpayers, and they explain to the television on a golden throne to say how they will help the poor”, can we read in particular on Twitter.

Prince Charles announces the government’s top priority is to “help ease the cost-of-living for families,” with a promise to “level up opportunity in all parts of the country” https://t.co/ptiAKKkwe8 pic.twitter. com/wUydQMvAvu

— Bloomberg UK (@BloombergUK) May 10, 2022

Elizabeth II: after her notable absence, she reappears

Facing Parliament, Prince Charles detailed the range of the government’s main bills for the upcoming parliamentary session. Purchasing power, Northern Ireland, many subjects were reviewed, as was “the defense of democracy” in the world, particularly in Ukraine. Present alongside his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, and his eldest son, Prince William, the heir was therefore not unanimous with commentators and the British. It must be said that many were disappointed and worried by the absence of Her Majesty. Since the beginning of her reign, Elizabeth II has only missed this important speech twice: in 1959 and 1963, when she was pregnant with her sons Andrew and Edward. A few days later, she appeared radiant and dashing at another event. Reassuring images!

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