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Prince Charles: these terrible accusations about his despotic behavior

Prince Charles takes it for his rank. Very attached to the heritage and to the authenticity of certain sites, the son of Elizabeth II, as Duke of Cornwall, imposed some strict rules on the people who live in his duchy, and in particular on the inhabitants of Nansledan. Small housing estate near Newquay, this one is characterized by small colorful houses where 4000 people live. Who now have 85 rules to follow to live in the neighborhood.

Ban on spreading flags, installing satellite dishes, playing games with balloons, installing plastic blinds … Strict rules set out in a 38-page document by the prince’s teams Charles, who aim above all to “protect the atypical character” of the city, reports The Express. But that doesn’t really please Peter Kelly, an urban planner, who called the rulebook “terrifying.” “Read the very strict design and social code of Prince Charles’ last game town,” he denounced on Twitter, reports The Express.

Rules to “accentuate the seaside character of the region”

If Prince Charles has established such strict rules in Nansledan, approved by the Duchy of Cornwall, it is in particular because it is he who is at the origin of the construction of this village, initiated in 2013, and which should be completed by 2025. If for the moment the inhabitants are not fully settled there, they will have to accept these 85 rules to hope to live in the city. And above all, they will be strictly prohibited from touching the exterior appearance of their home, whether it be the doors, windows, but also the color of the exterior plaster. “The colors should accentuate the seaside character of the region,” said The Express, adding that fast food chains will also be banned there.

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