Relations between Prince Charles and Prince Harry are unlikely to improve. While father and son have been in conflict for several months, the Prince of Wales is said to be increasingly destabilized by the decisions of his younger brother. In any case, this is what relatives of the future king of England told the tabloid Mirror. The latter assure that Prince Charles would not look favorably on the life course taken by William’s brother, who seems “oddly determined” to cause harm to the royal family and to sully his father’s reputation.

An image that the Prince of Wales has been working to restore for twenty years, when his popularity had been shaken following his divorce from Diana. “Prince Charles is concerned about Harry’s path and believes his son’s constant attacks and hurtful comments towards him are completely unfair.” A source close to Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband explained, before adding: “He wouldn’t want to have to push Harry away, but it’s a tough situation.”

Prince Charles worried about the publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs?

Now, it is the memories of the husband of Meghan Markle, that the Windsors especially dread. In this book he’s working on in secret, Prince Harry could make some shattering new revelations about his past and the royal family. According to the first rumors, this book which he wrote “not as a prince, but as the man [he has] become”, will be very precise and factual. He will talk about his career in complete transparency: from his childhood, to the death of his mother, through his relationship with notoriety and his experience as a soldier in Afghanistan, not to mention his memories with his father and his big brother. This is likely to cause a lot of ink to flow further.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry © Agence

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