With the last health problems of Queen Elizabeth II, his eldest, Prince Charles takes over. Thus, it is he who represented the royal family at the G20 and COP 26 this weekend from Saturday 30 October to Sunday 31. If the two summits have a common objective which is to find solutions for preservation environment, Prince Charles made a big mistake. Indeed, according to information relayed by the writer James Melville, the father of Prince William and Harry would have taken alone, a private jet to travel, in particular from London to Rome and from the Italian capital to Glasgow.

Revelations he posted on his Twitter account: “Prince Charles will take a private jet to Rome to participate in the G20 conference before returning by private jet to the COP 26 summit in Glasgow to express his concern about climate change . Seriously “. A misstep that could cost him dearly. However, the husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles supported strong arguments in front of the leaders of the whole world: “It is literally the living room of the last chance. We must now translate the fine words into even more beautiful actions”, a- he chanted.

Prince Charles: “It is surely time to put aside our differences”

While the royal family usually stays away from political and geopolitical tensions, Prince Charles made a point of sending a message to all presidents: “And as the enormity of the climate challenge dominates peoples’ conversations, from newsrooms to salons , and that the future of humanity and of nature itself is at stake, surely it is time to put aside our differences and seize this unique opportunity to launch a green recovery by putting the global economy on a confident and sustainable trajectory and, thus, save our planet “. A beautiful speech, which will not have been illustrated by the trips of Prince Charles in a private jet …

Prince Charles will take a private jet to Rome to take part in the G20 conference before returning via private jet to the # COP26 summit in Glasgow to express his concern over climate change. Seriously. pic.twitter.com/Y7vS5lo0WZ

– James Melville (@JamesMelville) October 30, 2021
Prince Charles © Agency

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