For the nth time, the foundation of which Prince Charles is the president is plunged into a new turmoil. Following allegations of “cash for access”, two senior officials of the foundation left their posts. It was the president of the Prince’s Foundation who resigned the first. He said he was “shocked by the potential dishonest activities of the organization”.

A controversial wealthy Russian businessman has allegedly donated £ 500,000 to the Prince Charles Foundation. Because of this donation, Chris Martin, the executive director of the foundation, also left his post. It should be remembered that the reason for the resignation of Michael Fawcett, the CEO of the foundation has a link with obtaining an honor for a Saudi donor.

Royal author Norman Baker has said Prince Charles’ defenses are not at all credible. He explained that: “The chickens are coming home … He should take responsibility instead of hiding behind others and letting them fall on their swords.” He spoke so after Prince Charles said he had no knowledge of the “cash for honors” affair.

“Mr Leus is now reportedly considering legal action to recover his donation”

Mr Leus is a wealthy Russian banker who donated £ 100,000 to Prince Charles’ charity. According to the Sunday Times, the total sum was rejected by the foundation’s ethics committee. The reason for the refusal was that the committee was concerned about the suspicious origins of the money.

Mr Leus then learned that the money had been donated to another charity, Children and the Arts, of which Charles is the sponsor. According to the Sunday Times, the association said it had no knowledge of the Russian businessman’s gift. Having failed to secure a meeting with Prince Charles, Mr Leus is reportedly considering taking legal action to recover his donation.

Prince Charles © AGENCE

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