Prince Charles once again finds himself in a scandal
One of the foundations of the son of Queen Elizabeth II has received a donation of 3 million euros from the Prime Minister of Qatar
These sums would have been given in cash

This is a new scandal that the royal family would have done well. According to revelations from the Sunday Times, Prince Charles would have accepted the tidy sum of 3 million euros in cash donations from the Prime Minister of Qatar. According to the media, 1 million would have been given in a suitcase. These transactions would have been made between 2011 and 2015 and were given in notes of 500€. Beyond the very surprising way that the money transfers were made, it is above all the source of the money that raises questions. Indeed, Qatar is targeted by several accusations of non-respect of human rights.

In London, it is insisted that these donations were “directed immediately to one of the prince’s charities who complied with the appropriate undertakings and ensured that all procedures had been followed correctly”. These 3 million euros would have been paid to the organization Prince of Wales’ Charitable Fund. A new scandal that shakes a little more Prince Charles who is already in turmoil, especially in the case that links him to the Saudi billionaire Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz.

The links between Prince Charles and certain countries raise questions

The links between the Crown and these countries, which do not respect human rights, raise questions. Indeed, in Qatar, it is considered illegal to be homosexual. If the country has the honor of hosting the next World Cup, Amnesty International has declared no less than 6,500 workers dead on construction sites. This new affair falls very badly, since the same day, Prince Charles celebrated the national day of remembrance of the millions of people forced into slavery. A very important day for the UK, which compared the day to Holocaust commemorations: “The Holocaust was appalling and appalling and just as we recognized the horrors of the past, the Prince believes there should be equal recognition of our past in the slave trade,” said a source close to Prince Charles.

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