This Saturday April 9 marks the first anniversary of the death of Prince Philip. On April 9, 2021, two months before celebrating his centenary, the husband of Elizabeth II died at Windsor Castle, leaving the British royal family in mourning. One year to the day after this disastrous event, Prince Charles pays tribute to his father. The husband of the Duchess of Cornwall published this April 9 on Instagram, a message accompanied by several photos of Prince Philip.

As usual, the Prince of Wales did not extend into long speeches, “In remembrance of the Duke of Edinburgh today, a year after his death”, he soberly wrote. A concise publication that we nevertheless feel loaded with memories, and which says a lot about the esteem that the ex-husband of Princess Diana still has for her father, whose last words had proven to be prescient.

Warm messages in memory of Prince Philip

Internet users appreciated Prince Charles’ gesture, and wanted to express their support in memory of the sovereign’s husband, “Thoughts and love are with you and Her Majesty today RIP Prince Philip”, “I think to all of you today“, can we read in the comments of the pictures. The father of princes William and Harry had already dedicated a slideshow to his parents, in December 2021, revealing an unpublished photo of the royal couple who did not fail to move.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh © Instagram

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