For the 14th birthday of her daughter Domino, India Hicks, goddaughter of Prince Charles, took to Instagram. For this occasion, the first cousin of the crown prince to the throne posted a photo followed by a far from trivial anecdote. India Hicks had notably told what happened during her childbirth.

As she and her husband, David Flint, were driving straight from the hospital to the hospital, they were arrested for speeding. David therefore stopped to answer the questioning carried out by the police. Yet India Hicks was in the backseat of the vehicle and was hard at work. “14 years ago, very early in the morning of December 17th, David was arrested for speeding. Two beefy-looking cops asked him to get out of the car. He really had to go pretty fast,” he said. she shared on her post. “‘You won’t believe it,’ David told police, ‘but my girlfriend is having a baby.’ They leaned over to look inside the car and sure enough I was there struggling with a contraction because Domino was on the right track, “she added.

India Hicks, Prince Charles’ cousin and goddaughter, was destined to be a mother of boys

The 54-year-old former model and her husband moved to the Bahamas in 1996. This was long before they had their current 5 children. Suffice to say, India Hicks was particularly happy and shocked at the same time to have finally had a daughter. Remember that her 4 other children are all boys. Besides, referring to Felix, Amory, Conrad and Wesley, she admits that she was surely destined to be a mother of boys.

“Now I’m pretty sure I was meant to be a mom of boys. I can’t imagine life without my four boys. I would regret all the toilet glasses up, the socks lost, the silly things unimaginable. they do. I would even regret the daily responsibility of living in ‘CAMP KILL YOURSELF’. So when I finally gave birth to a girl, I couldn’t really believe it, “she shared on her account Instagram. She ended her post with “This year, to celebrate her 14th birthday, we took a girls trip”.

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