The jet-lag seems difficult to take. After four centuries of subjugation to the British sovereign, Barbados officially became a republic Monday, November 29, after the swearing in of the first president in the history of the island, Sandra Mason. A historic moment for the Barbadians, but also for Elizabeth II, who loses one of the jewels in her crown. However, if the island, already independent since 1966, is no longer under its protectorate, it remains a member of the Commonwealth organization, and therefore invited Prince Charles to come and turn a page in its history. And the crown prince seems to have struggled a bit to stay awake throughout the ceremony.

Indeed, filmed by cameras, the son of Elizabeth II dozed off for a few seconds, before waking up suddenly and resuming reading his program as if nothing had happened. It must be said that if Sandra Mason’s investiture ceremony was held at 11 o’clock in the evening in Barbados, UK, it was 3 o’clock in the morning. Prince Charles, who was recently accused of racism and reacted violently, therefore seemed somewhat out of step with the jet lag. And the presence of Rihanna was not enough to keep him awake, even if the singer was very noticed during this evening.

An apparently jet-lagged Prince Charles seemed to nod off during a ceremony in Barbados last night, as the country officially cut ties with the British Crown.The two-hour occasion took place from 11pm local time, 3am UK time https: // t .co / bKc1GGM72c

– ITV News (@itvnews) November 30, 2021

What title does Rihanna now carry?

In addition to an incendiary dress signed Bottega Veneta, Rihanna attracted all eyes by being inducted as the national heroine of Barbados, after being chosen in 2018 as an extraordinary ambassador. A distinction well deserved by the singer, who was able to “make the whole world dream with her quest for excellence, her creativity, her discipline and above all her extraordinary commitment to her homeland”, declared the Barbadian Prime Minister. , Mia Mottley. A national gem for the Caribbean island, which does not completely lose its queen.

Prince Charles © Agency

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