Simon Dorante-Day seems determined to continue to stir up trouble in the British royal family. This 55-year-old Australian has been talking about him for a few years, since he claims to be the illegitimate son of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. The latter would have given birth to him in 1965 when they were only 17 and 18 years old. Simon claims to have been adopted at the age of 9 and raised in England by adoptive grandparents who are said to have worked for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. To prove his parentage, he does not hesitate to multiply testimonies in the press or on his own social networks, while some lend him airs of resemblance to the Queen but also to the Duchess of Cornwall.

“One netizen said ‘you have the eyes of the queen’ and another called me ‘Camilla’s lookalike’,” he said in an interview, as many people are having fun. make photo montages by attaching his photos to those of several members of the Windsor clan, whom he strangely resembles. If he claims to have requested a DNA test from Prince Charles and his wife, the latter did not respond to his request: “I know that this would disrupt the succession to the throne, which is why they will not accept a DNA test “he regrets. Indeed, if it turns out that Simon Dorante-Day is truly the son of the Prince of Wales, this would mean that it is he who would become the heir to the throne after Charles.

The son of Simon Dorante-Day lookalike Queen Elizabeth II?

This Monday, July 12, Simon Dorante-Day shared new “evidence” on Facebook, in order to demonstrate the suspicious resemblance between his son Liam and Queen Elizabeth II. He made a montage by placing a photo of his son in the center, surrounded by two portraits of the monarch. “An interesting comparison” he simply noted in the caption, supported by Internet users who go in his direction: “I see similarities at the level of the nose and the mouth. Perhaps also at the level of the shape of the face and the color of the hair “,” It is double the queen! “,” He looks like the queen, even her smile! “, we can read in the comments. Will the truth finally come to light? Nothing is less sure.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles © Agence

Lara T.
Lara T.

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  1. Give him the chance for DNA test is the only justice to prove whether it the act of paparazzi or his right to know his biological parents is denied at the highest hidden agenda

    1. Selina Berah he had the chance for a DNA test when he was in contact with the woman on his birth certificate. But instead he chose to deny her, claim she doesnt exist and chase after the royal family.

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