Simon Dorante-Day is determined to prove the lineage he has been talking about for years. At 55, this Australian claims to be the hidden son of Prince Charles and Camille Parker Bowles. The future King and Queen of England would have given birth to him in 1965 when they were only 17 and 18 years old and then had him adopted nine years later, by a couple who would have worked for Elizabeth II and the prince Philip. To prove his parentage at all costs, he does not hesitate to multiply testimonials in the press or on his own social networks. And Simon Dorante-Day would even be ready to go further, as he himself explained on his Facebook account. On Friday, August 13, he posted a montage of Mark Shand, the brother of Camilla, Prince Andrew and his son, Liam. “I have been very busy this week preparing some documents for the court,” he said in the caption.

“It was certainly an interesting exercise choosing which photo comparisons to use to demonstrate the facial resemblance between myself, my children and members of the British Royal Family,” he added, before explaining that he planned to contact Prince Andrew “for a DNA comparison” because many Internet users “claim” that the two men look like two drops of water. According to the supposed illegitimate son of Prince Charles and Camilla, the evidence will only be able to support his point. This is partly why he multiplies the publications on social networks. “A user said ‘you have the eyes of the queen’ and another called me ‘the lookalike of Camilla'”, he confided in an interview relayed by The Mirror a few weeks ago.

How Charles and Camilla would have hidden his birth

“I have traveled all over the world and have always had people stop me and say ‘You look familiar to me’, without being able to put their finger on it, he said. so confided. Some would tell me bluntly that I looked like a royal, without knowing my history. It has been a common occurrence throughout my life. ” In recent months, Simon Dorante-Day has claimed that his adoptive mother took him to a Mountbatten mansion to meet his birth mother, who he says is Camilla Parker-Bowles. However, according to the 55-year-old Australian, she would not have entered the house. To support his point, he has repeatedly claimed that in 1965, Prince Charles was sent to Australia, while the Duchess of Cornwall was missing for nine months. In fact, she has been photographed many times during this year, including a debutante ball in London on March 25, 1965.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles © Agence

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