They matched! This Thursday, September 16, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles honored the residents who welcomed them. On the Isle of Skye, in the Scottish Highlands, the future King and Queen donned the country’s traditional attire to meet local entrepreneurs. The air rejoices, Prince Charles was indeed wearing a red and beige kilt with a brown leather sporran (a small traditional satchel) and a matching tie while Camilla Parker Bowles also opted for tartan. The Duchess looked especially chic bundled up in a tailored coat that featured tartan lapels. Underneath, she also opted for a tartan skirt and a red shirt and accessorized her outfit with a brooch, a bracelet and nude pumps.

Photographed talking to business leaders, locals and tourists in Portree, the island’s capital, the couple were all smiles. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles then toured the city and enjoyed a special performance by Gaelic singer Robert Robertson. In addition to wearing the traditional outfit, the couple honored the local gastronomy as the two tasted fish and chips on the port. This Isle of Skye tour is the first for Prince Charles and Camilla. They first visited Skyeskyns, Scotland’s only remaining leather tanner, a local gift shop, the Isle of Skye Soap Company, and the Gin School. Then they went to a hotel, where they were pampered by the employees, delighted to see the princely couple. Above all, they took advantage of a day away from scandals.

Charles and Camilla: happy far from scandals

Cornered in a financial controversy through his foundation, Prince Charles refrained from speaking on this thorny subject. As for his wife, his behavior is talked about again … Indeed, the historian Robert Lacey in his work Gerre royale, mensonges et trisons (Albin Michel editions), describes the dark side of the Duchess when she arrived at the breast. of the royal family. She would have first resorted to an inglorious ploy to push Prince Charles to divorce, harming Lady Diana a little more. After meeting Prince William, she would not have hesitated to echo rumors about her hot-tempered temper, following conversations between the Duke of Cambridge and her father she allegedly witnessed.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles © Agence

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