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Prince Charles abandoned by one of his close advisers

Prince Charles loses one of his closest advisers. Surrounded by a team well-established to manage its royal affairs, a central member of this organization has just left the office of the Crown Prince and Camilla Parker Bowles after five years of good and loyal service. Indeed, Julian Payne, responsible for the image of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, has resigned, reports the Daily Mail. A key position for many members of the British royal family, who now rely heavily on a way to enhance their image to increase their popularity, including Prince Charles.

It must be said that since taking office five years ago, Julian Payne has done a lot for the royal couple, whom he has notably encouraged to use social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Means of communication which are now the best relay between the crowned heads and their fans, and on which are regularly posted the pictures of their official outings, or videos to allow them to send messages about their commitments. A resignation which is none other than a very personal decision for Julian Payne, since the Daily Mail specifies that he was offered a post of president of corporate affairs for Edelman. Considering perhaps her work with Prince Charles was over.

Prince Charles confides in his dress style

It must be said that for several months, the eldest son of Elizabeth II has mastered more than ever his image as Duke of Cornwall. And this goes in particular by his way of dressing, very noticed in the British aristocracy, he who is one of the best dressed men in the world according to some magazines. “I care about details and colors and things like that – and color combinations. I’m lucky because I can find wonderful people who are brilliant designers who do things that I enjoy,” he explained to Vogue, adding that “it is and because of this, [that he tries] to make them last longer”.

Prince Charles © Action Press

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