This is a new controversy that affects the foundation of prince Charles. Last September, the son of Queen Elizabeth II found himself in spite of himself embroiled in a financial scandal. The reason ? A donation of half a million pounds from a Russian businessman. A very generous sum which even prompted the father of princes William and Harry to write him a letter, thanking him for his “tremendous generosity”. Yes, but now, the ethics committee of the Prince Charles Foundation had expressed concern about the origin of this donation. Indeed, the businessman in question had been convicted of money laundering, before his conviction was finally overturned. An investigation was even opened after the ethics committee discovered the existence of links between the generous donor and a Saudi intermediary.

This Wednesday, February 16, the British police then announced that they had opened an investigation into the donations received by the Prince Charles Foundation, which would have granted honorary titles in exchange. Worse still, these sums of money would have made it possible to support a request for naturalization of a Saudi businessman. “The Metropolitan Police have launched an investigation into allegations of breaches under the Honors (Prevention of Abuse) Act 1925,” Scotland Yard said in a statement. The investigators have already contacted “those suspected of having relevant information” and have been in contact with the Prince’s Foundation which “provided a certain number of relevant documents”.

An embarrassing resignation

Another scandal for the British royal family, which continues to find itself in turmoil. Last year, Prince Charles’ former valet was suspected of having used his influence to help Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz obtain a decoration in exchange for donations. Heavy accusations that had prompted the valet to resign. Last November, the president of the Foundation, Douglas Connell, had also left the ship, while defending himself from any wrongdoing.

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