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Prince Andrew: why his public comeback is impossible

It has been a year since Prince Andrew retired from public life. On November 20, 2019, it was via a statement sent to the British editors, that he announced that his mother Queen Elizabeth II had given him permission to take leave of all his missions, and added to him his decision to withdraw from public life. The blunt announcement came in the wake of his disastrous BBC interview days earlier, his entanglement in the Jeffrey Epstein case and the charges he faces of sexually assaulting multiple women.

Since then, Prince Andrew has lived far from the British royal family, no longer comes to official events, has seen his flag withdrawn from the royal box in Windsor Park or even recently saw his postcards withdrawn as well. According to recent rumors, Prince Andrew is in the process of preparing his return to the royal family … only according to several sources, it is highly unlikely. Even if the Duke of York finally speaks to US investigators about his connections to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, there is little to no chance that Queen Elizabeth II will take him back as a senior member of the family.

Minimal chances

A close source told the Daily Mail: “Even if the Duke comes to satisfactorily resolve the issues with [Epstein], there is still a concern about [his] lack of understanding. of the seriousness of the situation and accepting that the relationship was bad. ” Then the source added, “I don’t think there will ever be a chance for him to come back.”

And yet he Prince Andrew would still hope to help “support the monarchy” by resuming his public obligations, a source told The Times. A project which could be supported by his mother, the Queen of England, who has always “had a soft spot” for her youngest son … On the other hand, this idea is far from unanimous with Princes Charles and William, who also have their say as heirs to the throne.

Prince Andrew © Bruno Bebert

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