Prince Andrew turned sixty-two on Saturday February 19, 2022. Breaking with tradition, his mother, Elizabeth II, his brother, Prince Charles, and his nephew, Prince William, did not wish him a happy birthday publicly. Prince Andrew was thus snubbed by the royal family, who posted nothing on social networks for the occasion. It comes days after Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband settled a civil sexual assault case brought against him by Virginia Giuffre. According to royal sources, Prince Andrew celebrated his birthday privately at the Royal Lodge, his home in Windsor.

Since 2019, when he stepped down from royal duties, Prince Andrew has not had the honor of seeing flags flown to mark his birthdays. If he did not have a message from his mother, his daughters, Eugenie and Beatrice of York also did not wish him a happy birthday publicly. It should be remembered that because of the scandal of sexual assault, the two young women found themselves in embarrassment. In a Times column, Hilary Rose wrote: “Her daughters are in an awkward limbo. This space of purgatory is one in which they are princesses with no royal role and a toxic father who, while not admitting responsibility, just agreed to a multimillion-dollar settlement in a sexual assault case.”

Prince Andrew could get his head above water

The financial worries of the second son of Elizabeth II could be a distant memory. Indeed, he would reap a colossal sum of money if he gave up his property, the Royal Lodge, which is worth £30 million. For the Daily Mail, royal author Angela Levi said: ‘Selling the Royal Lodge is a wonderful idea and if he can walk away with the money that makes it more attractive. He should be compelled to do so . Charles asked him to be invisible. He has the opportunity to change and live out of sight.”

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