Prince Andrew wants to make amends with his mother Elizabeth II after her sex scandal.
Andrew of York lives just minutes from Windsor Castle in his home at Royal Lodge.
What is this way that Prince Andrew found to make amends to Queen Elizabeth II of England?

Prince Andrew’s sexual assault case has caused a great scandal. The legal battle ended rather well for the Duke of York since the case was closed relatively quickly. The financial deal struck between Prince Andrew of York and Virginia Giuffre has cost him millions of pounds. But the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II of England, 96, lost a lot in this affair. Indeed, Beatrice and Eugenie of York’s father was stripped of his HRH royal title and most of his honorary military titles. Prince Andrew, 62, is no longer responsible for any charities. The brother of Prince Charles and Princess Anne has been told to shut up and keep a low profile.

“The rest of the family, with the exception of Her Majesty, are united in the feeling that they should stay out of the limelight and be quiet after leaving such a stain on the family,” a source said. at The Mirror. In its article dated May 23, 2022, the magazine also indicates that Prince Andrew of York is currently trying to redeem himself for conduct. Prince Charles’ brother currently lives a few minutes from the residence at Windsor Castle. The Duke of York visits his mother on a daily basis, according to a Mirror source.

Prince Andrew of York is tuned like clockwork

According to the source, Prince Andrew of York wants to make amends for all the harm he has caused. The father of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York wants to be forgiven by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II of England. This is why Andrew of York visits the Queen every day at the same time. Royal insiders say Prince Andrew visits his mum to ‘make sure she’s comfortable and looked after’. “You can set your watch by Andrew’s pre-lunch visits,” the royal insiders told Mirror.

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