Prince Andrew was accused of sexual assault by Virginia Giuffre in 2021.
He had reached a financial agreement to have the trial annulled.
Prince Andrew would now like to have the agreement canceled and seek redress.

It is a scandal that has put the British royal family in turmoil. In 2021, Virginia Giuffre decided to file a complaint against Prince Andrew, whom she accused of having participated in billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking network. The young woman had thus declared that she had been forced to have sexual relations with the son of Queen Elizabeth II, on three occasions, in 2001. Charges rejected by the principal concerned, who had finally reached a financial agreement of $14 million.

However, Princess Eugenie’s father would now like to “cancel the multi-million pound deal with his sexual accuser”, revealed The Sun. Indeed, Virginia Giuffre has just canceled her trial against lawyer Alan Dershowiz, whom she had accused of sexual assault. A decision that could allow the Duke of York to sue the young woman and demand an apology.

Prince Andrew would have collected a lot of money

If Prince Andrew is today determined to take revenge on his accuser, it is because he lost a lot during his trial. In addition to seeing his image deteriorate, he had been forced to give up his military titles and had been banned from any official public appearance. The one who has always claimed his innocence would now hope to be able to “resume his royal duties”.

Before launching a legal challenge, Prince Andrew would have collected a lot of money according to the Daily Mail. Indeed, he is said to have amassed a veritable “war chest” worth £10million. The money is said to come from the sale of his Swiss chalet with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, as well as the inheritance left by the late queen, worth “several million”.

Ghislaine Maxwell defended Prince Andrew

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Andrew would be ready to take legal action to obtain an apology from Virginia Giuffre. “It’s not a question of money. He wants to return to some kind of normality after a prodigiously difficult period” indicated a source close to the tabloid. A decision contested by several British lawyers, who indicated that he should already be “grateful not to be in prison”.

Is the photo of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre a fake as Ghislaine Maxwell has claimed?Following Jeremy Kyle’s special on Maxwell this week, author James Bloodworth asks why the public should believe anything she says.

— TalkTV (@TalkTV) January 26, 2023

For her part, Ghislaine Maxwell gave her first interview since her conviction for sex trafficking of minors, on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein. She spoke on Monday, January 23, regarding the photo showing Prince Andrew alongside his accuser. “I have no memory of their meeting. I don’t think this image is real,” she said, defending Charles III’s brother. Case to follow.

Prince Andrew: this "war chest" that he would amass for a very specific purpose

Prince Andrew © Backgrid UK

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