Prince Andrew, 61, is still in torment because of the aftermath of the Epstein affair. After the New York court refused the request of his lawyers, the youngest son of Elizabeth II, 95, finds himself in an unfortunate situation. The “favorite son” of Queen Elizabeth II of England is leaving feathers there in his battle against Virginia Giuffre. The latter has made it clear that she intends to destroy the Duke of York. Other Prince Andrew nonsense is brought to the surface. His past whims and childishness surely do not help things for the brother of Prince Charles, 73 years old.

In front of the generous chest of a pregnant woman, Prince Andrew, the brother of Princess Anne, 71, could not help but come out with an inappropriate joke. According to the source, the 61-year-old Duke of York laughed like a schoolboy and thought it was hilarious. These allegations were revealed by a 2015 New Zealand newspaper, the Waikato Times. However, the day before publication, Sarah Ferguson had just defended Prince Andrew of York. Sarah Ferguson, 62, the ex-wife of Andrew of York, had said the son of Queen Elizabeth II of England was “a great man, the best man in the world”.

Prince Andrew of York is nicknamed ‘HBH’ because of his childish behavior

“HBH” stands for “His Buffoon Highness”. Simon Wilson, diplomat and former head of mission in Bahrain, looks back on the past behavior of the queen’s son. Simon Wilson told The Times that Prince Andrew of York was particularly temperamental. Prince Charles’ brother “had flown in a team including his squires and private secretaries”, he said. According to the same source, the valet of Prince Andrew of York would be equipped with a huge ironing board to ensure that his clothes are perfectly ironed. The diplomat explained that the nickname jester was stuck on Prince Andrew of York because of his childish behavior. The Duke of York would have a “childish obsession with doing the exact opposite of what was agreed”, according to him.

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