For months, Prince Andrew has been removed from his royal duties
King Charles III is inflexible with his younger brother
The ruler has made a big decision

Between King Charles III and Prince Andrew, there is no more brotherly support … As since his brother was accused of sexual assault, the British monarch is inflexible. After working to strip him of his royal titles and alienate him from the British royal family, the sovereign made a major new decision: that of depriving him of an office at Buckingham Palace. “Any presence at the Palace is officially over, confided a source in the columns of the Sun. The king has said it clearly: Andrew is no longer a member of the royal family. He is alone. After this decision by the king, Prince Andrew therefore no longer has the right to use the address of the Palace for his personal correspondence. Queen Elizabeth II reportedly allowed her son to continue to use her office and retain her staff after stepping down from public office in 2020.

The reduced staff who had been kept on since leaving public service are now at risk of being laid off. A few months ago already, the duke of York had been “deprived” and “in tears” when Charles III announced to him that his days as a member of the royal family were over. Since his legal tussle against Virginia Roberts, Prince Andrew has been stripped of his military and royal titles and has not been allowed to wear his military uniform at his mother’s funeral, like Prince Harry. A few weeks ago, King Charles III cut his brother’s security service but pledged, it is rumored, to pay the £3million a year needed to hire private bodyguards.

Prince Andrew: will he be present at the Christmas of the royal family?

The king also redistributed to his relatives the honorary titles of Prince Andrew. He notably appointed Queen Consort Camilla Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, a position once held and cherished by Andrew. Andrew was stripped of numerous royal titles when he was prosecuted in the United States for allegations of sexual assault. “With the Queen’s approval and consent, the Duke of York’s military affiliations and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen, the Royal Palace wrote at the time. The Duke of York will continue to assume no public office and is defending this case as a private citizen.” Despite being exiled from the palace, Prince Andrew is expected to spend Christmas dinner with King Charles and the rest of the royal family. The Duke of York also likely to keep his government-funded Royal Lodge on the Windsor Estate, for the time being.

Prince Andrew: this new humiliation made to him by his brother, Charles III

King Charles III of England, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew © Agency

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