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Prince Andrew: this compromising video that could harm him

While he has just celebrated the secret wedding of his eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, Prince Andrew could be again plunged into embarrassment and more particularly in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. This Wednesday, July 22, our colleagues from the British tabloid The Sun reveal that Tiffany Doe, pseudonym of a former employee of the billionaire accused of child sex trafficking, surprised the deceased in the company of Ghislaine Maxwell. They were then in full viewing of a secret video in which the second son of Her Majesty Elizabeth II appears in the company of a young woman, topless.

“I was looking for Jeffrey to talk to him about something and I couldn’t find him anywhere,” recalled the 48-year-old employee, “I don’t know who the girl in the video was but she was topless. really can’t say how old he was. ” If she quickly recognized Prince Andrew in this video which could be compromising to him, Tiffany Doe was unable to precisely determine the circumstances in which he was filmed. “I couldn’t see Andrew in full so I don’t know if he was dressed or not. It looked like he had been filmed in a bedroom. I don’t think Andrew knew he was being filmed. ” Faced with such a spectacle, Ghislaine Maxwell – recently arrested – slipped a confidence in the ear of Jeffrey Epstein, hilarious. “Ghislaine said: ‘Oh, it’s Randy Andy’ (…) But then they saw me and made me understand that they didn’t want me there.”

Prince Andrew finally ready to cooperate

And it must be said that the discovery of this video did not surprise Tiffany Doe. “I’m sure he had videos of girls and guys having sex that he peeped at, because he was like that.” For several months, the revelations have been linked and all alike around Prince Andrew. Entangled in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and accused of having had sex with underage women, the Duke of York defended himself during a fiasco interview with the BBC channel. Interview which then encouraged him to retire from public life in November 2019. At first uncooperative with the authorities, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband finally chose to help the FBI within the framework of the Ghislaine Maxwell case, accused of having spotted and baited teenage girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

New compromising element for Prince Andrew © AGENCE / BESTIMAGE

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