Prince Andrew posted a message on the Instagram account of his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, according to Gala sources. This created surprise followed by criticism. On his post, he had mentioned the war in the Falklands. Note that the son of Queen Elizabeth II served in this war in the early 80s. Prince Andrew, 62, notably confided that this war had changed her. At the center of several scandals for several years now, the brother of prince Charles has signed this publication of his royal title. However, he was strictly forbidden to use it.

This post was deleted from Instagram just hours after it was posted. Only, these few hours were enough to create the surprise. By the way, the experts of the British royal family were the most puzzled. “I am not one of those who criticize Prince Andrew because he is the last media target and perhaps the easiest,” Robert Jobson told the Mirror on April 4. “But the Duke of York’s bizarre decision to try to boost his own image by talking about his Falklands War experiences on his ex-wife’s Instagram account and using the stripped HRH title to sign was a weird move,” he continued. “But I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish by reminding everyone of those times. It was bizarre. It made the Duke look more than desperate and showed a need for public recognition,” the statement concluded. royal specialist.

“He doesn’t seem to know what people really think of him.”

For Robert Jobson, public recognition should not be the priority of the prince currently. What he needs is to lay low, according to this royalty expert. “Any rehabilitation, although unlikely, will take time. Personally, I doubt that is possible,” says Robert Jobson.

This post shows how out of touch Princess Eugenie and Beatrice’s father is, according to the insider. “He doesn’t seem to know what people really think of him today, which is a long way from when he was an attractive and popular naval officer and pilot,” the expert concludes.

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