Twist in the sordid Epstein affair. Prince Andrew would probably have concerns since he is once again accused of having taken advantage of the pedophile prostitution ring run by his late friend Jeffrey Epstein.

A significant element is added, however, to the accusations against the son of Elizabeth II: he would have been filmed without his knowledge at Epstein’s home, at the heart of his network.

Prince Andrew is said to appear on video recordings numerous times

Sarah Ransome, one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s accusers who is suspected of having led the prostitution network with Epstein, has claimed that Prince Andrew was allegedly filmed without her knowing during one of his trip to Little Island St James, in the Caribbean. Island on which was held the pedophile prostitution ring by Jeffrey Epstein.

The accuser revealed that Epstein’s friends, including Prince Andrew, were being watched by hidden cameras on the island. She also claimed the Duke of York was on numerous video tapes. Prince Andrew is thus all the more suspected of having taken advantage of the criminal network run by Epstein, who died in prison in 2019, and thus of having raped young underage women.

The Queen’s son has firmly denied these accusations. Case to follow.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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