Prince Andrew has always denied allegations of his involvement in multiple sexual assaults. He also denied having a friendly relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew claims to have visited Epstein’s house, the famous “Pleasure Palace” only 3 or 4 times in total. The statements of Juan Alessi, former butler of the financier, affirm the contrary. The latter said that the second son of Queen Elizabeth spent “entire weeks” there. But compromising trophies come to confirm the link that there is between the prince and the financier. In his 2019 statement to Newsnight, the prince admitted to visiting Epstein’s Florida home. “I have absolutely not visited his house in Palm Beach three or four times a year, absolutely not. In total, probably four times during the period that I have known him,” he confirmed.

A photo of Prince Andrew smiling has been revealed. The photo was kept hanging in Epstein’s Florida mansion. It is this mansion that all the obscenities of which Prince Andrew is accused are said to have taken place. According to the Daily Mail, “A photo showing a smiling Prince Andrew was on display in Jeffrey Epstein’s famous ‘Pleasure Palace’.” The Duke of York appears in the photo in military uniform in his younger years, the Daily Mail says. A source told Sun magazine: “This is incredibly damaging to Prince Andrew because it shows how much Jeffrey valued his friendship with an important member of the royal family.” “Her photo was on display in Jeffrey’s house like a trophy,” she continued.

Prince Andrew is even more cornered after his photo was revealed

A source said Prince Andrew is under even more public pressure after the photo trophy was revealed. It should be remembered that the Duke of York is also facing legal action in the United States at present. Virginia Roberts Giuffre confirms she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew. But Prince Andrew had to face another scandal. On Tuesday, November 16, “Prince Andrew was subjected to a thorough examination to find out whether he had broken the rules of conduct of the royal family,” the Daily Mail said. “The second son of the Queen, victim of scandals, received this payment a few days before repaying a loan from the Luxembourg bank of the financier,” confirm the columns of the Daily Mail.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York © AGENCY

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