The Duke of York has been excluded from the festivities linked to the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II
But Prince Andrew is expected to make a comeback
Unless certain members of the royal family would block his arrival

He was not welcome at Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee. And for good reason: for months now, Prince Andrew has been in turmoil, following accusations of sexual assault against him. Thus, the British royal family had decided to exclude him from the festivities linked to the 70 years of reign of his mother. But according to information relayed by The Mirror and the Daily Mail, the Monarch’s favorite son made his big public comeback on Monday, June 13, 2022. He would thus have returned for Garter Day at Windsor Castle.

This annual event features royal knights and ladies in hats. Despite his resignation from his royal duties, Prince Andrew could have celebrated this special day. A symbolic return that shows how much the Crown supports him. It’s worth noting that the Duke of York’s last public appearance was on March 29, 2022, when Queen Elizabeth II was on her way to Prince Philip’s service of thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey.

Relations are very strained between Prince Andrew and the rest of the British royal family

But apparently, his return did not make everyone happy. Still according to The Mirror, Princes Charles and William would not have wanted Prince Andrew to go to the celebrations on June 13, 2022: “It is a decision taken by the house in the interests of the family, but also in the ‘interest from the Duke of York,’ a source told the tabloid. The media also recalls that “the Queen had secret talks with her second son and members of the royal family to discuss his future”, says The Mirror. Relations are therefore very tense between the Duke of York and the rest of the British royal family. Whether time will ease these tensions remains to be seen.

Prince Andrew © Zuma Press


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