Prince Andrew: the huge quack of his security, which helps his fake fiancée to break into his home!

Security has been fooled. Monday April 19, a few days after the funeral of Prince Philip, Prince Andrew had the unpleasant surprise to see a woman disembark at the Royal Lodge in Windsor who has succeeded in impersonating … his fiancée! Not worried by the impeccable appearance of this 44-year-old woman, “very well dressed, with dress pants, a yellow blouse and a peach jacket”, security let her pass while she ensured she had a meeting. you with Prince Andrew for lunch, reports The Sun. “They had no idea that this woman was a total stranger to Andrew and apparently had a fixation with him,” said a tabloid source.

Completely fallen for the trap, the guards even paid for the taxi of this woman who would be a Spanish national, arrived Saturday, April 17 in Great Britain, and even directed her so that she could reach the Royal Lodge. “CCTV has been checked and it appears the woman spent about 20 minutes walking around the gardens, then entering the main house,” a source reports to The Sun, who said she appeared “very confident and self-confident. walked around as if she owned the place.

Prince Andrew hasn’t met his supposed fiancee

It was after this walk that this “fake bride” entered Prince Andrew’s home before staff asked who she was and what she was doing here. “Much to the staff member’s surprise, the woman claimed to be engaged to Prince Andrew and said she was there to marry him,” The Sun said. She said that was why she was came from Spain a few days earlier. ” Fortunately, Prince Andrew was not confronted with the 44-year-old woman who was held in the hall, where she was searched. In his bag, police discovered several photos of various royal residences like the Royal Lodge and Buckingham Palace, as well as a keychain that security considers a potential handgun. A minor incident, which however calls into question the protection of the Duke of York, greatly reduced since his withdrawal from public life.

Prince Andrew © Agency

Prince Andrew © Agency
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