Tongues are loosened around Prince Andrew. And embarrassing revelations are raining down on the Duke of York, accused of rape in the United States and now persona non grata within the British royal family. This time, it was his marriage to Sarah Ferguson that was mentioned by his ex-housekeeper. Or rather their thunderous divorce in May 1996 after the scandal in which the mother of Beatrice and Eugenie was entangled broke out. Although separated from Fergie, Prince Andrew would have kept … his belongings at Buckingham Palace! “Although she didn’t live there, her makeup was always on a dressing table. Before, I had to pick up all these eyeliners, mascaras and powders, dust underneath and put them back on every day,” Charlotte shared. Briggs at the Sun.

“But she was never there. She didn’t live there and she certainly wasn’t welcome after what she had done,” said Prince Andrew’s former housekeeper. But that’s not all. Like his ex-wife’s makeup, the Duke of York has carefully kept many of his clothes. “Her clothes were there, her shoes too – and even her wedding dress was still hanging in the wardrobe. It was scary, remembered Charlotte Briggs. Everything was posed as if she were there. I did not understand why I was cleaning it all up when she wasn’t coming back.” In addition, Sarah Ferguson’s wedding dress is a piece that takes up a lot of space! This outfit, ivory white, indeed had a train of five meters and a veil of six meters.

Sarah Ferguson: unwavering support of Prince Andrew

Divorced for more than 20 years, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson still have a very good relationship. “They love and care a lot about each other, a source told British media. They lived together during the pandemic. It has rekindled something and I can see a second marriage happening if all goes well. Andrew’s meaning.” According to her, the ex-spouses would also be “closer than ever”. Last July, Fergie had already defended her ex-husband against his detractors, assuring that the latter was “a nice and good man”, as well as a “great father for his daughters”: “Whatever the challenges he faces cope, I will remain firmly committed to our co-parenting relationship.” Stripped of his military titles by Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew can count on his ex-wife.

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