Prince Andrew: the disarming excuse of one of his friends to justify his alibi

Will we ever know the truth? Several months after the start of the sex scandal that precipitated the fall of Prince Andrew, justice is seeking to retrace the course of events. If the son of Elizabeth II has always firmly denied having had sexual relations with Virginia Roberts, even if it means using astonishing theories, his accuser does not budge. At the end of the year, the Daily Mail published several articles resulting from a long investigation. And in it, those close to Prince Andrew seem ready to do anything to defend the Duke of York, who has been silenced for several weeks, whatever the cost. This time around, one of them contradicts Virginia Robets’ claim that she went horseback riding with Prince Andrew while vacationing at Jeffrey Epstein’s Texas ranch. “My job was to entertain him endlessly, whether it meant having to give him my body during an erotic massage or simply take him on horseback,” the young woman wrote in her memoirs a few months ago.

And to demonstrate that this could not have happened, one of his friends dared a totally surprising excuse. “It is well known among his family and friends that the Duke had an allergy, a hay fever which accompanied him all his life. He therefore gave up riding as a teenager, assures his relative to the Daily Mail . The Duchess (Sarah Ferguson, his ex-wife, editor’s note) persuaded him to do acupuncture later in his life and also to treat an allergy to horsehair. ” A totally smoky theory, but which can be verified according to the Daily Mail. During their investigation, our colleagues have indeed searched the photo databases and ensure that decades have passed between the pictures of Prince Andrew on horseback during his childhood and the latest photos which show him in the saddle in recent years. “So he returned to riding in his 50s, took lessons in 2017 and 2018 and was competent enough to Trooping the Color in honor of his mother later that year,” he added.

Prince Andrew doesn’t want to talk

In her memoirs, Virginia Roberts described with great precision her alleged stay on Jeffrey Epstein’s ranch with the Duke of York. “The mansion was completely empty except for two chambermaids, who also prepared our dinners for us, and two bodyguards we barely saw,” she said. The weather was slow, I reckoned the hours until I fly away again … It was not easy to fulfill the sexual desires of these strange men, the Prince being one of them. He loved my feet and licked me even between the toes … For me it was a nightmare. ” After the publication of the three parts of the Daily Mail investigation, Prince Andrew was contacted to react. “We will not say anything at all,” said his spokesperson, not worried that the Duke of York’s silence would be misinterpreted: “They can think whatever they want. This is not a comment.”

Prince Andrew © Backgrid UK

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