Lady Victoria Hervey, 44, claimed on her Instagram account that Prince Andrew’s photo with Virginia Giuffre could be faked. According to this ex of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, a double could have been used to mount the photo. However, Virginia Giuffre, 38, the accuser of the son of Queen Elizabeth II of England, 95, confirms that this is an authentic photo. The former girlfriend of the Duke of York, 61, tried to prove on Wednesday February 2 that the photo was edited. Aristocrat Victoria Hervey speaks of an “Irish body double”. The daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol posted two photos on her Instagram account.

The first photo is of Virginia Giuffre, standing alone against a yellow wall, a blue coat in her hand. Captioning the photo, Victoria Hervey wrote, “Anyone know this pic?” “What if I told you that a survivor of Epstein told me it was an Irish body double that was put on,” she continued. Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend also showed a photo of a woman with blonde hair in another photo with Epstein. Lady Victoria Hervey is neither the only nor the first to have advanced this photomontage theory.

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York has claimed the photo with Virginia Giuffre is faked

During his interview on BBC Newsnight 2019, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II of England also said the same. The brother of Prince Charles, 73, and Princess Anne, 71, suggested the photo was taken upstairs at Jeffrey Epstein’s London home. The photo may have been photoshopped, according to the Duke of York.

“From the investigations that we have carried out, you cannot prove whether this photo is faked or not, because it is a photograph of a photograph of another photograph,” Prince Andrew said. ‘York. Virginia Giuffre, the one who accuses Prince Andrew of sexual assault on three occasions, insists on the authenticity of the photo. “The UK High Court has been asked to help secure the evidence in view of the case which looks set to go to trial,” Evening Standard says.

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