Prince Andrew takes more for his rank. Involved in the Epstein affair for having taken advantage of the billionaire’s sexual network, and for also being accused of sexual assault, the son of Elizabeth II was definitively put aside by the British royal family, who are trying more than ever to hush up the scandal against the Duke of York. However, a book which will appear soon, will not leave much respite to the prince, so much the revelations which it contains are likely to make a lot of noise.

In Sex, Lies and Dirty Money Across the World The Powerful Elite, relayed by Page Six, author Ian Halperin collected the testimonies of no less than twelve former conquests of Prince Andrew, who did not hesitate to reveal the face of the father of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice in the bedroom. “Most women described Andrew as a perfect man and said it was consensual,” reports the author, who specifies that one of these conquests even described him as a “very daring lover”. “There were no limits. She said to me, ‘Andrew rocked my world in the bedroom’, but she felt disappointed because after that she didn’t hear from him again,” says Ian Halperin.

He “felt special” when he had “beautiful women in his bed”

Also described as a “sex addict”, the author specifies that this addiction to carnal pleasure results from a real inferiority complex in Prince Andrew, he who since his birth is considered number 2, behind his older brother Prince Charles, “considered royal material”, while he was often seen as a “bad boy”. “It led to his playboy lifestyle. He didn’t attract attention, it made him feel special to have these beautiful women in his bed,” says the author, who adds that Prince Andrew has an obsession … for redheads

Prince Andrew © AGENCY

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