According to a Daily Mail article from September 29, the prince’s luxury chalet has been on sale for months. Prince Andrew completed the purchase of his Swiss chalet seven years ago. To everyone’s surprise, at that time the chalet cost him 20 million euros. The British media at the time were talking about the Duke of York not having the means to afford such valuable property. Apparently, it was Queen Elizabeth II, his mother, who helped him buy the chalet. Prince Andrew is said to have financed the purchase of the chalet with a mortgage.

Prince Andrew’s magnificent luxury chalet has seven bedrooms and an indoor swimming pool. The former owner of the property is demanding that 8 million euros be reimbursed to him by the Duke of York. Prince Andrew is on the verge of a roll, he has no other option but to sell his property, but he is making a profit. Indeed, according to the Daily Mail, the prince sold his chalet at a price higher than its purchase price. What constitutes for him a real exit ticket to get rid of his debts.

Prince Andrew and Fergie are staying with the Queen

Isabelle de Rouvre, the former owner, has dropped her legal action. Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, with whom he bought Chalet Helora, have agreed to sell the property. They also agreed to use the money they obtained to pay off their debt, according to the UK Times.

While this sale is the way out for the Prince, it doesn’t help matters. Prince Andrew, having no official function, no fortune and no property and several other pending charges, can only count on Elizabeth II. According to Le Point, not only does the Queen pay him money monthly, “she also lodges him in the splendid Royal Lodge mansion, in Windsor, in the company of his ex, Fergie.”

Prince Andrew © AGENCY

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