Prince Andrew loved to live and lead the good life in his suite of bedrooms at Buckingham Palace.
A source revealed to The Sun the day before January 26 that this is another privilege the Duke of York will have to give up.
Earlier last year, Prince Andrew, Duke of York had already had to give up the use of his office at the Palace.

Prince Andrew is expelled from Buckingham Palace. The brother of King Charles III of England used to sleep there with his stuffed animals, which had to be arranged in a precise configuration, otherwise he would freak out. The British tabloid The Sun also reveals that after his divorce from Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, 62, used his bedroom suite as a bachelor pad. “He’s brought a string of new girlfriends back to his palace home – even model Caprice,” The Sun revealed on January 26, 2023, citing a source. “A bachelor pad at St James’s Palace doesn’t look the same for a single man,” the source said.

Prince Andrew has been accused by Virginia Giuffre of multiple sexual assaults. The son of the late Queen Elizabeth II of England got away with the sum of 12 million pounds. However, his reputation remains tainted for good, especially as the Duke of York is associated with billionaire pedophile Epstein. The father of Princesses Beatrice, 34, and Eugenie, 32, was stripped of his duties and titles in January last year. Also that same year, Prince Andrew was asked to no longer use his Palace office, reveals The Sun.

Charles III: “Buckingham is no place for Prince Andrew”, said the King of England

King Charles III of England, 74, ascended the throne in September 2022. According to a British media source: “The King has made it clear that Buckingham Palace is no place for Prince Andrew.” “First, his office was closed last year and now his living quarters,” the source told The Sun. We learn that the Palace is the subject of a ten-year reconstruction project, at a cost of 369 million pounds sterling. Andrew’s suite, the Chamber Floor, is affected by this renovation which is scheduled to be completed in 2027.

Prince Andrew kicked out: why he will have to spend his nights in London outside of Buckingham

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