Prince Andrew of York is one step closer to banishment from the royal family.
Because of his business the pedophile Epstein, Andrew of York was stripped of almost everything.
The fallen prince, however, thinks that he can still be useful for the royal family.

The fate of Prince Andrew of York, 62, is sealed. The irrevocable decision was made while Queen Elizabeth II of England was still alive. As Prince of Wales, Charles III had met Prince Andrew privately. The interview between the two brothers took place in Scotland, recalls the Daily Mail of November 5, 2022. Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was stripped of his royal duties. And for good reason, his friendships with the pedophile Epstein and the case of sexual assault with Virginia Giuffre. This last case ended relatively well for Prince Andrew.

The Duke of York – along with his two daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie – tried to negotiate a review of his position. Prince Andrew was asked to completely step aside. The Duke of York would still have thought he could “still be useful” as a working member of the Royal Family, the Daily Mail reveals, citing a source. Prince Andrew’s hopes of one day returning to office are nil. During his interview with his brother, the current King of England, Charles III, 73, the latter could not have been clearer.

Prince Andrew: the hopes of the Duke of York have collapsed forever

While he was still Prince of Wales, a few days before the death of Queen Elizabeth of England, Charles III had received his brother in his domain of Birkhall, in Scotland. This is a real blow for Prince Andrew. King Charles of England had made it clear to him that he would NEVER return to his royal duties. The insider, quoted by the Daily Mail, described the reunion between the two royal brothers as “emotional and tense”. The source also says Prince Andrew was left “in tears” and “mourning” after the reunion. According to the same source, those close to Prince Andrew of York would have worried for his well-being after this devastating news.

Prince Andrew in tears: the terrible words of Charles III that finished his brother

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