Despite strained relations with King Charles III, Prince Andrew attended Sandringham religious service
Since 2019, he attended a separate service, in the company of Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Andrew stayed behind in the procession formed by the royal family during the walk after the office

He did not seem to be welcome, but Prince Andrew still went to St Mary-Magdalena Church for the religious service attended by the royal family, including his brother, King Charles III, with whom he maintains icy relations. And for good reason, the monarch is inflexible and now prevents him from appearing at Buckingham Palace.

A lonely Prince excluded from the royal family

Since the “Epstein” scandal broke, Prince Andrew has been plunged into a descent into hell, especially vis-à-vis his family. First forced to resign from his royal duties, stripped of his titles by Queen Elizabeth II, he is now excluded from keeping his office at Buckingham Palace. “Any presence at the Palace is officially over” for him, as a source had confided in the columns of the Sun who added “The king has said it clearly: Andrew is no longer a member of the royal family. He is Alone.” It was under these circumstances that Prince Andrew sneaked into St Mary-Magdalene Church in Sandringham where the royal family was attending the Christmas service on December 25.

Very alone, withdrawn, he was seen shaking hands with a few subjects in the audience but did not mix with the rest of the family for the rest of the walk. According to The Mirror, in previous years Prince Andrew would attend a private church service at the chapel at 9am with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Andrew: in disgrace, the brother of Charles III makes a discreet appearance during the Christmas mass

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