Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty by a juror. This greatly aroused the concern of Prince Andrew’s lawyers. Moreover, on the night of December 29, they were in an emergency talks. The Duke of York’s defense was considering bringing in one of Maxwell’s victims to help him with his US civil lawsuit. Note that the son of Queen Elizabeth II is accused of sexual abuse and first degree rape.

Note that Ghislaine Maxwell is the 2nd pedophile with whom the prince had a bond of friendship. Maxwell faces up to 65 years in prison after being convicted of procuring, preparing and trafficking girls for sex for Epstein. The real issue for the Duke of York’s lawyers is that the evidence needed in a criminal case is higher than that required in a civil case. What Prince Andrew is facing now. In the United States, crimes must be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt”. On the other hand, civil cases are proven by less strict evidence such as “the preponderance of evidence”.

The trial was disastrous for Virginia Giuffre

Certainly, the outcome of Maxwell’s trial is of great concern to lawyers for the royal family. Only, the latter maintain that it was more disastrous for Virginia Giuffre. Moreover, the prosecution refused to call her to the stand despite the fact that she was the sex slave of Jeffrey Epstein.

Indeed, during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, one of the 4 victims testified about the way she was presented to Epstein. Known as Carolyne, this victim claimed that she was not recruited by Maxwell, but by Virginia Giuffre. In a controversial effort, Prince Andrew’s attorneys had previously portrayed accuser Virginia Giuffre as a criminal recruiting “underage maidens” to Epstein. After this conviction, they seriously consider bringing Carolyn back to the bar along with other victims of the Wall Street financier. This was to prove that Giuffre was involved in finding girls to be abused.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York © Bruno Bebert

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