The Duke of York appeared very affected as he rode his horse through the grounds of Windsor Castle
His last public appearance was in April, and the next is due in a few days for the tribute to Prince Philip
He was branded ‘an absolute jerk’ after the sale of his Swiss chalet was frozen

He only appears very rarely alongside the royal family since the beginning of his legal troubles and this weighs on him so much that the dismay can be read on the face of Prince Andrew. Elizabeth II’s ‘favorite son’ was seen riding a horse in the grounds of Windsor Castle, days before his next public outing in tribute to his father, Prince Philip, and his dejected countenance shows how he is unable to extricate himself from the troubles in which he is plunged.

Endless business for Prince Andrew

Since the beginning of the scandal which struck billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and which greatly affected him because of their friendship, the millions of pounds that Prince Andrew had to pay to “settle” a case of sexual assault whose accused a woman, aged 17 at the time, whom he said he had never met, the 60-year-old Duke of York has resigned from public life and only appears on very rare occasions. occasions. But it doesn’t stop for the father of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice: he has indeed been called an “absolute fool”, after the sale of his Swiss chalet worth £ 18 million was frozen , to enable his debtors to claim £1.6 million from him. We then understand better why he displayed this defeated mine from the top of his mount in the middle of the park of Windsor Castle… Let’s hope that his reunion with the royal family on the occasion of the commemoration of his father, Prince Philip, will go as well as possible.

Mine grave gray days for Prince Andrew © Dana Press / Bestimage


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