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Prince Andrew: his alibi with his daughter Beatrice of York questioned

His “pizza alibi” questioned. This Saturday, December 12, and after a long investigation carried out in London as well as in New York or in South Africa, the British tabloid The Daily Mail revealed that an alibi of Prince Andrew is now undermined. Because if Virginia Giuffre Roberts claims to have had a sexual relationship with the favorite son of Her Majesty Elizabeth II on March 10, 2001, as one of the victims of sex trafficking led by businessman Jeffrey Epstein, the father of Princess Beatrice, he denied everything, claiming to have attended a birthday party on the night of the facts. And it is also the young bride who sold the wick, declaring to have “no memory” of this evening of celebration.

Indeed, if the hosts of this birthday party confirmed the presence of the young woman, then aged 12, they could not do the same with that of Prince Andrew. According to the family calendar, cited by our colleagues from across the Channel, the Duke of York had however reserved a manicure at home in the afternoon of March 10, 2001, before dropping off Princess Beatrice at this party, in Woking, County of Surrey. Worse still, the cleaning ladies on duty at the home of the principal concerned, in Sunninghill Park, “do not remember” his movements during the evening in question. Sources close to the royal family, however, said they had “a vague memory” of Prince Andrew waiting under a bridge near Pizza Express to pick up his eldest daughter. A witness could have provided more details. Namely, his security guard at the time. Unfortunately, the latter died.

Prince Andrew: “I remember it distinctly”

Another lie? In a wrecked BBC interview, Prince Andrew hammered his innocence loud and clear, refuting Virginia Giuffre Roberts’ accusations that he abused her while she was still a minor. “I was with the kids and took Beatrice to a Pizza Express in Woking for a party, I guess at 4 or 5 in the afternoon,” he said. And when asked about the reasons for such a distinct memory, almost 20 years after the fact, he replied: “Because going to Pizza Express is an unusual thing. I have only been to Woking a few times and I remember it strangely distinctly. ” The truth ready to explode?

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