Will a trial take place? Last August, Virginia Roberts filed a rape and sexual assault complaint against Prince Andrew, to whom she was allegedly “loaned” when she was involved in the sex trafficking of Jeffrey Epstein, a great friend of the Duke of York. This news has once again upset the British monarchy, affected for several months by cascading scandals. But while the son of Elizabeth II is doing everything to avoid a trial, notably by discrediting the complainant’s testimony with the help of his lawyers, it will be set on January 4, when the judge in charge of the case will decide whether or not the charges can be dropped.

While he hopes for a trial to do justice to Virginia Roberts, née Giuffre, the plaintiff’s lawyer is doing everything to ensure that Prince Andrew is tried. And for that, he counts in particular as recourse on the testimony of a certain … Meghan Markle. “Due to her past association with him, she may very well have important knowledge and will certainly have knowledge”, assured the lawyer to the Daily Mail, thus leaning “a close associate of Prince Andrew”, who, in as an American living in the United States, is subject to the jurisdiction of the American courts.

Meghan Markle is “not a fan” of Prince Andrew

If the support of Meghan Markle is envisaged, it is however in no way decided for the moment, a trial having not even been ruled by the American justice. But the defense of Virginia Roberts intends to rely on the Duchess of Sussex in case of need, in particular to “tell the truth” about Prince Andrew, and possibly to report his behavior, which she has already deemed “embarrassing” . And this, long before the scandal, even considering him as “the ultimate embarrassing uncle”, whom she does not carry in her heart at all and avoids as much as possible.

“Meghan is not at all a fan of the Duke of York”, had reported a source after the disastrous interview with the son of Elizabeth II, and this in particular because of “his dubious attitude towards women”, of which he speaks as if they “were potential conquests”. “Meeting the real Andrew was even worse, the insider assures us. She told a friend that she couldn’t stand this man, that he hadn’t been welcoming and that he was stuffy and pompous. , he made horrible and childish jokes and he found it totally hilarious, “a loved one had even remembered. Not sure that it is therefore reassuring for Prince Andrew that Meghan Markle testifies against him …

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