Prince Andrew accused of sexual abuse: this weighty support he receives at Balmoral

Support is pouring in for Prince Andrew. The victim of a sexual abuse complaint, Elizabeth II’s son has not changed his plans for the summer and recently arrived at Balmoral with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who first returned to the castle in 25 years afterward. to have been banned from it. A presence that will reassure the Duke of York, he who has been accused for several months of sexual assault on the person of Virginia Giuffre, when she was the “masseuse” of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Then 17 years old, she explained in her complaint, filed on August 9, to have been “offered” to Prince Andrew.

As another complaint threatens the Duke of York, the royal family appear determined to rally around him, like his daughter, Princess Eugenie, who arrived at Balmoral days after him, as reported by The Sun. It was in a car heading for Balmoral that the young mother was seen, after arriving at Aberdeen airport. A Scottish stay that will allow her to benefit from her parents, she who gave birth in February to a little boy named August, and whom she would have baptized under the gaze of the queen a few days before her departure for Balmoral.

Prince Andrew is he protected by his statute?

If he has always denied the accusations of sexual assault on the person of Virginia Giuffre, even claiming to not know her, and never to have met her, while a photo proves the opposite, Prince Andrew can now not escape the complaint he is the subject of. Or almost. Because if he is not protected by his status as a member of the royal family, he would have to be on American soil to be obliged to testify in court. Which would be “a disaster” for him. “If he chooses to fight and testify, his words could be made public. But if he chooses silence, he could be found guilty in absentia which would be a disaster for his image,” a source said. , while the Duke of York also escapes extradition, since this case has been brought to civil, not criminal.

Prince Andrew © AGENCY

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