Prince Andrew accused of rape: the damning testimony of the former head of royal protection

Scotland Yard is in his sights. Entangled in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal for several months and accused of rape, Prince Andrew is however little worried. Deprived of having dinner with Prince Charles, he was nevertheless able to join Her Majesty Elizabeth II at Balmoral in August 2021, although he was excluded from public life. For Dai Davies, the Duke of York has a daily life that could not be more quiet despite the allegations that target him. Quoted by the British tabloid The Daily Mail this Thursday, October 14, the former head of royal protection therefore deplored what he considers to be a “reluctance” of justice.

“I have never seen such reluctance to be open and transparent on such a serious accusation,” he said. Dai Davies therefore launches an appeal, hoping that Scotland Yard takes him into account. “I think the public is asking for this transparency.” He therefore encourages the authorities to turn to Prince Andrew’s security team to find out the truth. “I would look at the files that his private secretary could provide. You will never find evidence unless you investigate,” he added. And to warn: “Let’s face it, [Andrew] and his team have had 12 years to prepare since the initial allegations were published.” According to him, the excuse that the case could not fall within the competence of the police to solve it is irrelevant. An expert’s word: he himself was the divisional commander of the London Metropolitan Police.

No prosecution in England for Prince Andrew

If Dai Davies has decided to speak, it is mainly because of a recent decision by the British police. Indeed, on October 11, 2021, the latter announced that she would not take any action against the father of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. Prince Andrew is yet the target of a complaint in the United States in the context of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Complaint filed by Virginia Giuffre Roberts.

Prince Andrew © GOFF INF

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