Lawrence Visoski is Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime aviator. Asked by defense lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell, he said he knew Prince Andrew well. Moreover, the pilot admits that the prince made several flights aboard the pedophile’s private jet. This is the 2nd pilot of Jeffrey Epstein to admit having flown Prince Andrew aboard the private jet in question. This testimony was received during the trial of the Duke of York’s companion in New York. She was notably accused of abuse of 4 minors.

“Do you know Prince Andrew?” Asked Maxwell’s legal team. Visoski then replied “Yes”. “And he flew on Mr. Epstein’s plane, didn’t he?” Lawyer Christian Everdell continued. “He did it,” Visoski replied. Captain Dave Rodgers had previously provided his flight logs in a case involving a victim of the Wall Street financier. Notebooks which clearly showed that the Duke had taken several flights with Epstein.

The pressure is at its height for Prince Andrew

It is therefore so much evidence that adds pressure on the shoulders of Prince Andrew. Recall that prosecutors and the FBI are still investigating the sexual offenses of the pedophile. In addition, Visoski also pointed out that Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Chris Tucker, astronaut John Glenn and actor Kevin Spacey were all passengers as well.

Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein’s “number two” according to Visoski. She would have, moreover, often contacted the pilot to schedule flights for Jeffrey Epstein. Ms Maxwell, who was Epstein’s girlfriend, is accused of recruiting and training 4 underage girls to give him erotic massages. Which was obviously a ruse for sexual abuse.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York © Bruno Bebert

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